Pip Wall

Pip Wall
“I don’t think you can put a price on the degree of personal growth which I experienced in just a few months of coaching with Tony. But in hindsight I would pay twice as much to gain what I have gained.”

Case Study: Pip Wall

Summary of Case Study

Passion, motivation, direction and fulfilment: these were the missing elements Pip needed back in her life. After 7 years in a career that no longer satisfied her and 6 months living with family while she re-evaluated her life, Pip’s inner drive was quickly losing momentum.

Pip approached Tony Lynch for constructive guidance through a period of career and personal inertia towards empowerment and self-reliance. Tony helped Pip to transform her career situation and accelerate her personal growth. Together they developed strategies that would enable Pip to regain control of her life and move forward with greater confidence.

By actively seeking Tony’s help, Pip has now placed herself at the startline of a promising career in the travel industry, achieved a host of other personal goals including moving out of home and traveling overseas, and developed goal-setting techniques which she now applies to all areas of her life.

Full Case Study

From inertia to self-empowerment: Pip Wall

Passion, motivation, direction and fulfillment: these were the missing elements Pip needed back in her life. After 7 years in a career that no longer satisfied her and 6 months living with family while she re-evaluated her life, Pip’s inner drive was quickly losing momentum.

“I generally felt miserable and didn’t know why. I wanted to start taking action and figure out what was making me feel dissatisfied. It was about passion – I needed to gain a new sense of direction in my life.”

Pip was craving a fresh start – a renewed sense of her own strength and capabilities, and a new set of dreams to follow. The problem was, what had once been ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ in her life was no longer what she truly desired. But what exactly did she want? What did she have to offer? Most of all, how could the two be combined to bring about genuine fulfillment?

The search for constructive guidance

Pip knew she needed professional advice but the question was, from whom? She had seen a psychologist but felt compelled to try something more constructive. Then there were the costs – in her current situation it seemed indulgent to spend money on one-on-one professional help.

The thought of a personal coach didn’t have instant appeal – it brought to mind a stranger telling her how they thought she should live her life. But after hearing the success stories of friends who had worked with Tony Lynch from Lynchpin Solutions, Pip began to reconsider. Intrigued by Tony’s style and approach, she decided to give coaching a chance.

Taking the first step

Pip’s first free consultation dispelled previous doubts she had about coaching: she soon realised the extent of Tony’s experience, humour, knowledge and techniques for self-reliance and personal growth:

“As a young female, I was a little worried about how our personalities would go together. But after the first session I realised Tony was just the type of person I needed: someone to help me get more direction in life, not someone to sympathise or be ‘soft’ with me.”

Pip embraced coaching from the first session, which she left feeling empowered and, in her words, “positive and excited about having control over what I was going to achieve.” For Pip, the coaching method was all the more rewarding because it placed responsibility for her progress in her own hands:

“For me, mentoring was about finding my own path, identifying my own skills and strengths and the things that motivate and interest me. And I knew that was going to be a much more valuable experience than paying someone to tell me what they thought I should do.”

Tony quickly became Pip’s personal motivator. She developed a high level of trust in her new mentor as she witnessed the extent of his professionalism:

“I soon realised that Tony was very experienced in what he did. I was confident in his ability to guide people through challenging situations and felt comfortable relating to him on a personal level. I didn’t feel there was an age or gender barrier, and knew he respected confidentiality.”

Powering goals into action

Goal-setting and realisation were the highlight of Pip’s coaching sessions. From day 1, she was tasked with writing down her top 10 personal goals at the start of each day, the most significant of which became Pip and Tony’s focus over the next 3 months:

“The best coaching activity was to write down my goals every day, which I could change and adapt as I wanted. Subconsciously I think that process leads you to work towards your goals and keeps them focused in the back of your mind.”

Regular contact with Tony in between sessions gave Pip valuable mental support and kept her focused on what she needed to achieve. In her first week, text messages were used to hold Pip accountable for recording and visualising her goals.

Pip’s defining goal centred around career direction. The challenge was to identify the right vocation – Pip knew she had skills from teaching, but “had no idea what they were, or what skills could be transferred to another industry.” Tony’s career understanding and networks were instrumental in guiding Pip in this area:

“Tony showed me that I had such wonderful skills that I could use in lots of different industries. He was also great for networking – any idea I had on a career, he would know someone in that career or that field, which gave me the opportunity to talk to a lot of people.”

The sessions became a training ground for Pip to “keep achieving” and use each goal as a stepping stone to the next. Having identified her true passion, Pip and Tony set to work on a 30 – 90 day action plan, a technique which she could use for all areas of her life. Even though the coaching challenged her, Pip never left a session with Tony feeling exhausted or drained:

“I always walked away with a smile feeling confident about the next session. Tony just has this personable manner that makes you comfortable and feel positive about yourself.”

An investment in personal growth

Coaching with Tony has quickened what could have been a long and difficult period of soul-searching in Pip’s life. In under 6 months, she has:

Placed herself at the startline of a promising career in the travel industry

  1. Achieved nearly all of the 10 personal goals she set for herself, including moving out of home and traveling overseas.
  2. Developed innate goal-setting techniques which she now applies to all areas of her life.

Pip is now armed with confidence in her choices and actions, knowledge of her skills and abilities, courage to accept responsibility for her life, and techniques for tackling obstacles to achieving her goals:

“Seeing Tony I came to realise and prioritise my needs, wants and goals in life. A big change for me is that I’m now a lot more in control of myself and where I am heading. I have a new confidence in myself and my ability to manage my life.”

In Allan’s mind, there is no doubt that coaching allowed him to progress faster and achieve far more than what would have been possible on his own, “simply because I would have been floundering around not knowing what I was doing. I would have been concentrating on the technical aspects of the business and nothing else. I wouldn’t have been thinking about building it up, or where I am going to build it to.”

Allan compares the money he invested in coaching with what he spends on an accountant every year: it may amount to the same in dollar figures, “but all the accountant does is look at the books – he doesn’t give you any skills and tools that you can use forever. I can also pass these onto my own friends and family. I never looked upon it as a cost, it was always an investment, an investment in getting knowledge.”


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